Mix of Crochet Animal Hats

Oh my god, must have made at least 60 hats this winter!
Well, here is a selection:

This is suppose to be a hermelin (think ferret/weird cat):

A cat-hat:

Another batman hat, (forgot to take photo – the batsymbol is on the back):

Giraffe-Fish-Monkey-Dog =)

Crochet Poker Hat


Crochet Hat for a poker player.  I decided to give him a full house. Though with the yarn at hand, it was not possible to do anything to extravagant.  I would have loved to make a king or a queen. Three aces and a couple of sevens will have to do 😉

Crochet Rainbow Hat


Crochet rainbow hat with spike stitch to give it a little something extra. I am a sucker for rainbows.

Crochet BMW Hat with Wheels & Licence Plate

I started off with a basic blue hat yo which i added details. Luckily I had some scrap metallic silvery yarn left over from a previous project that was perfect for rims and front od the car.


The bmw badge.



And the swedish licence plate.

Hillarious, can’t wait to see it on a person 🙂

The Epic Group Shot



Hummingbird in a Flower Hat

There is an old asian tradition, to on a child’s first birthday let him or her choose between a flower and a coin. If the baby chooses the coin, he or she will have a good hand with money – be able to save, during his/her lifetime. If the baby chooses the flower, the baby will be happy, but not necessarily rich – focus on other things in life.

The woman, for whom I made this hat, would’ve definately chosen the flower. I added the blue hummingbird to give it a little extra.




A link to the pattern for the hummingbird can be found here.

A link for the diagram for the flower can be found here.

Swedish Moose Hats with American Embellishments

Well if this isn’t the weirdest idea yet.
wpid-img_20141202_214814.jpg wpid-img_20141202_214838.jpg
I’m not sure how moose like they are, but the colors are certainly Swedish.

Call me the hatmaker!

Hello Kitty Hat with Bow – funny fact: Did you know Hello Kitty is not actually a cat. She is a girl, with very catlike features….

The Panda Hat

The Cat Hat

The Mushroom Hat (Chantarelles)

Various Crochet Hats

I’ve been experimenting with crochet hats for sone time now. Ever since it was decided that I needed to make  one for each one of my colleagues.
I haven’t used any particular patterns and therefore these are mostly for information.  Let me know if any of them deserve a proper written patern or tutorial.

The Swedish Bear League Hat (Björnligan)


The Biker Hat


The Golfer Hat complete with lawn, golf ball & flag


The Carrot Hat


Some of the other colleagues will get the really silly rooster hat, lorax hat, hi vis hats in previous posts. I have got to get a group photo of this epic crowd.

Lorax, Rooster and Minion included below.




Really Silly Rooster Hat

Had a lot of laughs making this one.


Complete with feathers, beak and legs.

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