African Flower Bag in Salamander Yarn – (Yes, another bag…)

I just love this yarn, which is so gorgeously shifting between green and purple.
The yarn is a little chunky, it’s called Duo and is made by Swedish Järbo yarn. This particular color is called Salamander Print.
I assembled the bag using large bamboo rings and added a flower with a little buckle – i think is is essential cause otherwise it risks being a little too open.

While browsing at a local thrift store I found this broken broach which I decided to recycle.


So – what’s with all the bags? I keep getting orders for them or finding people that I haven’t made one for yet. Same as the hats.


Crochet Brown African Flower Handbag with Clutch

It looks so good in rich classic brown. The design itself – I have used it before – is simple hexagon ×13, the handles are wooden circles painted black. Can be bought at



These bags are so much fun to make I could start a business, haha.

The clutch has a floral embellishment and this flower is made with venedig yarn. Picked a nice black button to match.



From the pics you can pretty much figure out how its made, colors of my life I think did a great tutorial before tjey decided to no longer be free for all.

This will make a great gift for some lucky lady.

Simply the Best

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