Ronny the Rooster Barnyard Congrats Card

I rarely do birthday congratulation cards but it does happen every once in a while. I always use scrap materials and try to make it match. Anyways, a swedish barnyard is usually classic red.


Open the doors and see the giant rooster guarding the cupcakes.


Open the card to read the congratulatory message. Turned out quite funny in my opinion.


Egg Friends

Styrofoam eggs + wooden feet + paint + glue + feathers + crown


Cute Easter Decorations!

Pigs in Mud Cake

Saw some pics online and figured this wouldn’t be too hard (didn’t actually read it cause I prefer to make my own “insides”, as American/English recipes often are terribly sweet).


The original can be found here (facebook link).
Full explanation on this project included…

The Eastern Tree

Around Easter, in Sweden we usually bring in some birch branches in a vase and decorate with feathers. This is in turn a bother for people with pollen allergies. In our house it’s a problem when the cats want to flip over the vase spilling water on the floor seven times a day. Here is the solution;

The Easter Tree


Same thing almost 🙂

Simply the Best

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