Upcycled Shirt Baby Dress

I’ve tried making dresses out of shirts before but honestly I am still very new to proper textile work.



I used collar part and a piece with buttonholes from the front of the husbands retired shirt for the upper part of the dress. The bottom part of the shirt was used for the skirt part of the dress. It’s a little big for A.


I could have made it smaller but she’s a growing little thing.


The sleeves were used got straps I added buttons to make it variable in size.


Around i added a flower lace with little pearls.


Strawberry Fields Baby Dress

I actually did this a while back, but as I am really very new to buttonholes, I never got a chance to finish it until now (mostly thanx to my mother and her sewing machine).

Butterfly Junebug Dress


Using a free guide a made this dress (Junebug Pattern, see link), need to find a two-three year old to try it on… More

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