Sushi Look-A-Like Dessert

This is a trial bake. In sweden the celebration of midsummer is hugh and i am in charge of desserts in my family. Well, I hijaked the category anyways. Hence i am now trying out some ideas. This is one.


It is a stanced out three layer spongecake with banana and chocolate mousse on the inside. Whipped cream with coconut shavings on top, wrapped with marzipan and with a marzipan shrimp on top. The marzipan could be replaced by sugarpaste or similar. 


Pigs in Mud Cake

Saw some pics online and figured this wouldn’t be too hard (didn’t actually read it cause I prefer to make my own “insides”, as American/English recipes often are terribly sweet).


The original can be found here (facebook link).
Full explanation on this project included…

Simply the Best

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