Pumpkins grown by my lovely mother in law.


Bat stickers on the windows.


Skeleton parts on the table.


Pumpkin cake (chocolate flavoured).


Scary makeup + wig.

Steak Swiss Roll Cake


This recipe for swiss roll can be allowed to cool before roll up – which is great and makes the whole thing so much easier.

3 eggs + 1, 5 dl sugar mix until fluffy

1 dl wheat flour
1\2 dl potatoe flour
1 tsp baking powder

Smear on baking paper and place in oven until swelled and brown. It doesnt take very long so be careful not to burn it.

For a center I choose lemon fromage and blueberries.

4 gelatine leafs – place in water for 5 minutes

4 eggyolks
100 g powdered sugar

Whip the sugar and eggyolks until fluffy

1 lemon: peel and juice

Melt the gelatine over a water bath the mix with lemon peel and juice

3 dl whipping cream

Whip the cream then mix it into the cold lemon mixture.

Spread the lemon curd over the flat swiss roll, then sprinkle blueberries over. Roll it up.

I then covered the roll in a thin layer of whipped cream and added sugar paste to make it look like a steak with pineapple/cherry topping.

Pigs in Mud Cake

Saw some pics online and figured this wouldn’t be too hard (didn’t actually read it cause I prefer to make my own “insides”, as American/English recipes often are terribly sweet).


The original can be found here (facebook link).
Full explanation on this project included…

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