African Flower Bag – Turqois, Pink and Black!

And these colors are just to die for!

African Flower Bag in Salamander Yarn – (Yes, another bag…)

I just love this yarn, which is so gorgeously shifting between green and purple.
The yarn is a little chunky, it’s called Duo and is made by Swedish J√§rbo yarn. This particular color is called Salamander Print.
I assembled the bag using large bamboo rings and added a flower with a little buckle – i think is is essential cause otherwise it risks being a little too open.

While browsing at a local thrift store I found this broken broach which I decided to recycle.


So – what’s with all the bags? I keep getting orders for them or finding people that I haven’t made one for yet. Same as the hats.

Naturally Colored Yarn

I suppose it is rarer these days to dye yarn using plants and other natural additives.  This yarn has been laying around my mother’s house for two or possibly three decades. She dyed it herself way back in the day.



Simply the Best

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