Crochet Rainbow Hat


Crochet rainbow hat with spike stitch to give it a little something extra. I am a sucker for rainbows.

Four Leaf Lucky Clover Hat

Green four leaf clover on a black background with a shell stitch trim.


I added a silvery four leaf clover to have the green ones pop some more.

This is the pattern for my four leaf clover.


Crochet Frog / Prince Hat

Right. I am obviously in a hat-craze-phase. Well here is my high visibility frog hat in luminescent green.


And if you turn it inside out, say after someone kisses you…


Just for fun 🙂

Chevron Neckwarmer in Grey & Red

I love grey and red. And chevron.


I figured it’d be hard to get a good idea on size and use so i did a selfie.  A stupid selfie btw cause i just removed a molar and although rhe swelling and brusing has gone away i cant actually smile worth a damn.


Still the neck warmer or cowl is both functional and nice looking. I didn’t work in the round but decided to stitch it together instead to make the red stripes standing. Maybe i should make matching mittens.

Keeping warm kit

Crochet wrap with matching wrist and footie warmers. Why not? To keep the mother in law warm come winter.

The pattern was based on this free tutorial on YouTube – 3D flower

The yarn used is chinese – blue and green ombre. Just lovely.

In total there are 25 flower hexagons with green button centers for this project.


Refurbished the old “Fairy Garden”…

… which I kinda stole from Mrs M when she left the country.

The “fairy house” – so named by young S, looked so old and weather worn (Sweden has a varied climate with temperatures reaching from -35 to + 35 give or take a few degrees depending on how harsh the winters may be, with lots of snow, rain and sunshine) I decided to repaint it and apply some tarnish. Perhaps I will put it down with my roses once spring cleaning of the garden has been completed.


Winter fog

Amazingly foggy though the sun is shining.. Gorgeous


Simply the Best

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