Aluminum Wire Tree with Crochet Greens

I wanted to make a tree out of aluminum wire (suddenly grabbed by pinterest-inspiration ) and I thought I’d give it some cartoon-style greenery rather than making a million tiny leaves.

Here is where I started out – aluminum wire, some scrap metal I had access to (a threaded rod, a bearing and beneath that a washer) + tools.

I shaped a tree with the wire and “borrowed” some nuts to attach the washer to the threaded rod and recruited some assistance in welding the bearing on as a support-weight.

I crochet an amusing amount of various size balls in different shades of green (completely randomly)

And finally stitched those together to fit on the branches, this took a little bit of improvising – but then again, the whole project was a little make-up-as-you-go-along =)

Temporarily located to a shelf in my kitchen =) – Cost of yarn <5$





Pumpkins grown by my lovely mother in law.


Bat stickers on the windows.


Skeleton parts on the table.


Pumpkin cake (chocolate flavoured).


Scary makeup + wig.

Fancy Skull Painting


A little side project I’ve been working on a few nights.

Rusty Key Stool

Someone at work was ready to throw away a box of keys and metal badges. I managed to save them, but what to do? Most of them are padlock keys thus not the ‘fancy/rustic’ model. Would guess 80’s model maybe? I know little of keys.


Since baby girl likes to play with anything small and shiny i decided to decorate this old step stool. 


Using modpodge in layers;


And velvet tape around:


I think the result is pretty original and cool 😉

Branch “Chandelier”

Finally this one has come along enough to be published.
Last winter me & the kids were out in the woods branch hunting. We settled for this one, which is pine. Finally ‘finished’ it is now hanging in the porch decorated with hearts and lanterns, which we’ve collected over the years.
Mrs M, you may recognize your former kitchen table.

The Eastern Tree

Around Easter, in Sweden we usually bring in some birch branches in a vase and decorate with feathers. This is in turn a bother for people with pollen allergies. In our house it’s a problem when the cats want to flip over the vase spilling water on the floor seven times a day. Here is the solution;

The Easter Tree


Same thing almost 🙂

Painting – for the fun of it

I loved thispainting so much I made my own version!


And I’ve always been a fan of Chinese tree / bird paintings, so in an attempt I created this one.

Michael Jackson Vector Painting

Been creative with the brush lately, my brother needed a painting for his new apartment so I thought I would contribute.

wpid-IMG_20140404_050143.jpg More

New lamp in teapot design

Bought a new lamp at TGR the other day, now hangs above kitchen table. A hilarious kitchen lamp in my opinion.

Halloween Party

It’s probably not up to true American standard, but here’s what we did…



Eyeball cupcakes

In addition we made ghost mud (water, toilet paper and soap), slime (corn starch, water and food coloring), alien bouncy eggs (raw eggs and light vineager)

Sadly couldn’t get a good pic of the black curtains and sheets hanging in the ceilings..

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