Mix of Crochet Animal Hats

Oh my god, must have made at least 60 hats this winter!
Well, here is a selection:

This is suppose to be a hermelin (think ferret/weird cat):

A cat-hat:

Another batman hat, (forgot to take photo – the batsymbol is on the back):

Giraffe-Fish-Monkey-Dog =)


Mickey Mouse Hat + Pants

This was so simple, yet so fun.

Not sure on my accuracy on mickey mouse though. Need to practice that a bit 🙂


There are many free patterns for this though I couldnt fine one for exactly what I wanted to make.

Here is one good one: RepeatCrafterMe
Here is another good example: FollowTheStray

Wrench Picture Frame

Simple but fun frame for the tiny tinkerer.


Aluminum Wire Tree with Crochet Greens

I wanted to make a tree out of aluminum wire (suddenly grabbed by pinterest-inspiration ) and I thought I’d give it some cartoon-style greenery rather than making a million tiny leaves.

Here is where I started out – aluminum wire, some scrap metal I had access to (a threaded rod, a bearing and beneath that a washer) + tools.

I shaped a tree with the wire and “borrowed” some nuts to attach the washer to the threaded rod and recruited some assistance in welding the bearing on as a support-weight.

I crochet an amusing amount of various size balls in different shades of green (completely randomly)

And finally stitched those together to fit on the branches, this took a little bit of improvising – but then again, the whole project was a little make-up-as-you-go-along =)

Temporarily located to a shelf in my kitchen =) – Cost of yarn <5$


Simply the Best

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