Rainbow Owl Winter Hat

This is raggi yarn from järbo garn color 15115 70% wool. Quite the rainbow yarn indeed. The small hat is approx 100 g or 150 m yarn. The larger is 150 g or 225 m yarn.



Here is my pattern for this project:

Crocodile Stitch part (A link that truly explains the crocodile stitch, there are also great guides on youtube for this stitch)

Chain 72 (size small, works for my 1-year old, any multiple of six will work) and sl into the first chain to make a circle.

Rnd 1. Chain 3 (replaces first dc), dc in the same chain, *chain 2, skip 2 chains and dc twice in the next chain* continue like 23 times, chain 2 and sl into the third chain of the first chain 3.


Rnd 2. Turn the work sideways and dc 5 times around one of the dc’s in the pair adjecent to the starting point. Turn the work again and make another 5 dc around the second post, sl into the next dc pair. Continue like this all the way around (12 crocodile stitches)


Rnd 3. Repeat rnd 1.


Rnd 4. Chain three and sl in the adjecent dc pair (to make the crocodile stitches in the alternating posts compared to the previous round), make 12 crocodile stitches (same as round 2)


Rnd 5. Repeat rnd 1.

Rnd 6. Repeat rnd 4.

Rnd 7. Repeat rnd 1.

Rnd 8. Repeat rnd 4.

Rnd 9, Chain 2, hdc two times in the chain space, dc once in the dc pair, dc twice in the chain space, dc once in the dc pair, continue like this all the way around, sl in the second chain of the beginning chains of the round. (total of 75 stitches)

Rnd 10. Chain 2, hdc in every dc of the previous rnd, sl into the second chain of the beginning chains of the rnd.

Repeat rnd 10 until work is approximately 12 cm in length,

Final  rounds: chain 3, dc * 5, sc *25, dc *12, sc * 25, dc * 7, sl into the the third beginning chain of the rnd. Repeat,

Turn the work inside out and join the top of the hat.

I then turned the work upside down correct side out to add a row of shell stitches (dc in the third st from the hook *7, then skip 2 st and sl, repeat all the way around.


Finally I added the tassles and strings (needed the strings for my kid, who continuously throws her hats away), for this I used a needle.

Tassles: Take 10 15 cm pieces of yarn, using a 40 cm piece of yarn tie them together in the middle, then fold them over and twirl the rest of the string around the tassel many times occasionally tieing it around the tassle, then attached the long piece of yarn to the needle and sew it onto the middle of the dc area on one side of the hat. Repeat process and attached on the other side.

String: I look three 50 cm pieces of yarn and tied them togehter in one end and attached them to a door knob, then spun them around each other in one direction until they were twirled tight, folding them over in the middle, they create a beautiful tie string, making sure the hat will stay in one place. I then sew them on the hat, on the inside of the shell stitches, directly below the tassles, basically eyeing them on straight.

Eyes (x2), in brown, 12 hdc in a magic circle, sl into the top first hdc, switching to white, chain 2, hdc *2 into each hdc of the previous rnd, sl into the first hdc of the round, chain 3, dc into the same st, then dc *1 in the next stitch, dc *2 in the next, dc*1 in the next and repeat until end, sl into the third chain of the beginning chain and leave a long end to sew it on to the hat.

Using a needle I made the beak (almost wrote nose, haha) simply sewing on a triangle,

simple illustration:



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