Crochet Spider Stitch Throw


With a gigantic ball of yarn, shifting between black, grey and red I made this throw. The pattern is really super simple, though it would be easier to explain with a diagram. May have to draw one if this is a pattern anyone would like to try.


Chain 30x plus 3. The plus three is the first double crochet of rnd 1.
(I made this one with 183 chains.)
Rnd 1: dc in the fourth chain from the hook. Dc in the next 9 chains. Chain 10, skip 10 chains then dc in the next ten.
Rnd 2: Chain 3. Dc in the next nine stitches. Chain 10, skip 10 and dc in each of the next 10 stitches.
Rnd 3-5. Repeat rnd 2.
Rnd 6: Chain 3. Dc in the next 10 stitches. Chain 5, sc around four of the chain lines from the previous rows. Chain 5 then double crochet in the next 10.


Rnd 7: Repeat rnd 1.

I found it looked better with one chain line on the bottom and top edge.

The end result is a great throw or shawl for summer season.


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