Pigs in Mud Cake

Saw some pics online and figured this wouldn’t be too hard (didn’t actually read it cause I prefer to make my own “insides”, as American/English recipes often are terribly sweet).


The original can be found here (facebook link).
Full explanation on this project included…

This was my first attempt at this style cake and I feel it wasn’t exactly “purrfect” but in the end it tasted just fine.

I did chocolate spongecake (links to recipes below) which i divided in three pieces.

The cake is assembled like this: chocolate spongecake, apricot and whipped creme, chocolat spongecake, apricot and chocolate whipped creme (save ca 1/3 for the sides), chocolate spongecake.
I bought two packs of “chocolate fingers” – in retrospect I should have bought three! First, I added the saved chocolate whipping cream on the sides of the cake, this functions as “glue” on the sides, it makes it easier to attach the chocolate fingers. A ribbon around it to secure them even better! Once the “fence” is in place, I placed out my homemade marzipan pigs.


To get the “muddy” top I melted 200 g of orange chocolate, swedish model called “romerska bågar” in 2,5 dl of unwhipped whipping cream in a pot on the stove (low heat), let it cool slightly and poured it around the pigs.



To sum things up, to make this basically you will need:
*spongecake (recipe below, i’m guessing anyone who attempts this cake has done spongecake before…)
*marzipan (either pink or pink food coloring)
*3 packs of chocolate fingers
*fruit (I used three cans of apricot halves in sugar syrup)
*7 dl whipping cream (for the regular whipped cream, chocolate whipped cream and muddy chocolate on top)
*200g of chocolate (I went for Swedish “Romerska Bågar”

Links to recipes of spongecake;

Chocolate Sponge Cake
Vanilla Spongecake

Och på svenska;

Leilas sockerkaka (grund)

And chocolate cream:
1 dl or ca 100 g of cacao powder
1 dl or ca 100 g of sugar
3 dl or ca 300 g of whipping cream

Mix cacao powder and sugar in a bowl, pour in the whipping cream and stir.
Put in fridge for half an hour, then whip it fluffy.

Swedes – If you want to cheat, you can buy this in the section where they keep the powdered vanilla pudding etc. Think it’s called Chocolate Mousse with Crisp or something like that =)

This combo lets the cake be tasty, but you’ll survive the sugar rush. Anyways, my test subjects approved.

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