Rainbow Summer Poncho with Satin Detail

I made this happy little poncho using a raggi yarn from Järbo – color 21, which I think is called circus. For an adult maybe a “discreet” color scheme may be more appreciated.



Chained 85 + 3, double crochet in the sixth chain from the hook, chain 3, *skip 3 chains, dc in the next stitch* repeat til end sl around the first 3 chain to complete round.

Round two is basically the same as round one, but with 5 chains between the dc’s, and one dc in the dc of the previous round.

Round 3 – 5 are the same as round 2.

Round 6 – 10 with 6 chains between dc.

Round 11 – 19 with 7 chains between dc.

Round 20 – 29 with 8 chains between dc.

Size is easily adjusted by adding more or reducing number of rounds. By using a thicker yarn less chains between dc would be required. If dc was placed in the chain space instead the pattern can be worked in spiral giving it a different appearance. 

I added a satin detail around the neck for a more complete look.



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