Retro Homemade Applesauce

Our trees are providing (as usual) a tremendous amount of apples. A good way to use loads of them is Swedish traditional apple sauce.

Handmade for best result.


First remove all the damaged parts, there were hardly any these apples are really nice.


Added some water and let them slowly boil on low temperature until mashed.


Scooped them up on this grid thingy


Pushed through the sauce part, all the seeds and larger particles can then be removed.


Slightly less than half of the apples in pic 1, is ca 1900 g (excluding the bowl) of apple mash.


Warming apple mash together with sugar while stirring.


It needs to be brought to a gentle boil and simmer for some time while stirring.

Adding some ascorbic acid and preservatives. It’s better to stir it out first in a small amount of apple mash than directly adding it.


Apple sauce is now ready. This sauce is best preserved frozen. That way we can take out little at the time
without worrying about it going old.



Well, better get on with the second batch.. looking out the window, you’d think I’d never even touched the tree… I will have to get inventive about apples, and what to do with them. Such a waste to throw them away.



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