Oven baked salmon with fennel and lemon

This is one of my favourite salmon recepies and is best for cooking a whole salmon. It is also really simple and requires little effort. 

On a large piece of oven foil, place sliced fennel and lemon, cut into the salmon on both sides and stuff lemon and dill inside. Put lemon and dill inside the salmon also.
I used flaky salt and ground white pepper. Add butter inside the salmon and on top of the salmon before packing the foil tightly around the fish.


Let the salmon bake in oven for 10 minutes per cm of thickness. In my case about 30 minutes.


I then used the juices from the salmon to make a lemon sauce.

The sauce is also very simple. Melt butter, add flour and stir. Add the salmon/fennel juice, water and lemon juice, let boil until it’s thickened. 

Served with potatoes and sallad it makes a nice dinner. 

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