Crocodile Scale Crochet Baby Afghan

I just love how this little blanket turned out, at first I thought I’d add something to the back, but then decided against it. I kinda like the way the back looks, even though I did not exactly follow the youtube tutorial on the crocodile scale stitch.

For this project I used a very very light weight yarn (which ment it took like forever to get anywhere) and thus to make it look good, I increased the number of double crochet’s from each side of the scale.. And the crocodile stitch ended up using many more meters of yarn than I initially planned for (I have now come to the realization that I am so far not a very good yarn planner…)
The yarn I used is DROPS Delight Purple/Turqoise mix 09 – a supersoft wool yarn that is randomly dyed so the color variations turned out quite nice. It is light weight, as I mentioned; 50 g = 175 m and this project used close to 280 m…



The edge is a supersoft fluffy cheap dollarstore yarn.

Nontheless, I am quite happy with the result

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