Note to Self

On the fun side, I need to:

– Cutlery Clock; need to visit Panduro and/or store that sell clockwork items.
– Vintage Keys; should I make a wind chime or should I paint them? What to do with a box of old vintage keys (maybe check pin-interest)?
– Grandma’s old buttons; save for scrapbooking?
– Foreign coins; need to buy balloons for my coin-bowl project – how can we not have balloons in the house – great mystery!
– Family birthdays per month organized by bottlecaps?
– What’s for dinner system.

On the less fun side, I need to:

– Spring clean the bakery cabinet which is currently unorganized and messy.
– Tile the basement.
– Buy wood paneling for the sauna.
– Fix the sink and water in the downstairs bathroom.


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