Hamburger Cupcakes with Cookie Fries

Hamburgers for dessert? Why not…?


The Cutlary Kitchen Clock


This is a <$10 clock that I made from scrap wood, dollar store kitchen tools and a DIY clock part from Swedish Claes Ohlsson.
Arms were painted in white then "dipped" in rainbow colors. Fun to hang on the wall in the kitchen!

More on how this was made in pics.. More

Announcing Pregnancy

Using a movie poster – cause we can’t just say it flat out on facebook?


Note to Self

On the fun side, I need to:

– Cutlery Clock; need to visit Panduro and/or store that sell clockwork items.
– Vintage Keys; should I make a wind chime or should I paint them? What to do with a box of old vintage keys (maybe check pin-interest)?
– Grandma’s old buttons; save for scrapbooking?
– Foreign coins; need to buy balloons for my coin-bowl project – how can we not have balloons in the house – great mystery!
– Family birthdays per month organized by bottlecaps?
– What’s for dinner system.

On the less fun side, I need to:

– Spring clean the bakery cabinet which is currently unorganized and messy.
– Tile the basement.
– Buy wood paneling for the sauna.
– Fix the sink and water in the downstairs bathroom.

3d glasses

When we bought our smart 3d TV, I realized a need to organize the 3d glasses. Some screws, string and a cork board did the trick.

Vintage Illustrations from Mazetti

I found a box of these really pretty old bookmarks the other day.
CAM00303 More

Mother’s Birthday Treat

For my mother’s birthday she invited us all to dinner and for desert she had made Swiss Roll with Apple flavour. I decided to do some decorating (adding a little whipped cream and apple roses – made from pastry puff and thin apple slices).


Simply the Best

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