Chantarelle Mushroom Pie

The yum yum chantarelle mushroom


Every autumn I drag the family out in to the woods and gather mushrooms, usually chantarelles (there are two kind, the amazingly yellow kind and the “woody” or “autumn” kind.
We clean them, boil them briefly and freeze them (to have all year around).

Today I made some pie using the brownish chantarelle mushrooms. It’s simple and delicious.

This recipe serves roughly six and takes about 40 minutes to make.

100 g butter
3 dl wheat flower
3 table spoons of water
1 table spoon of olive oil

Mix the above in a bowl. I usually use an oven safe dish with removable edge. Pick at the bottom of the pie with a fork (to prevent blistering) and cover the edges with tinfoil (so that the edges of the crust will not release from immediately. I let the crust bake in the oven for about 10 minutes meanwhile I work on the filling.


400 g of mushrooms
1 yellow onion
3 dl of creme fraiche
3 eggs
Cheese (I like the strong flavoured swedish Västerbotten)


Very basic: Fry the mushrooms. Chop the onions. Add the onions to the mushrooms. Salt. Pepper (garlic, chives and other herbs can be quite tasty here)
Whisk creme fraiche and eggs in a bowl, add the cheese and whisk some more.


Take the crust from the oven, add the mushroom/onion mix and pour the creme fraiche mixture on top. Let sit in oven until it’ got a nice golden color. Done.



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