Chantarelle Mushroom Pie

The yum yum chantarelle mushroom


Every autumn I drag the family out in to the woods and gather mushrooms, usually chantarelles (there are two kind, the amazingly yellow kind and the “woody” or “autumn” kind.
We clean them, boil them briefly and freeze them (to have all year around).

Today I made some pie using the brownish chantarelle mushrooms. It’s simple and delicious. More

Melting Crayons

I’m really glad I got that hot air pistol all them years ago. Melting crayons was fun!

This one is pretty basic. I have seen many of them around the web, but thought it could be fun to try out. So I sStarted out by gluing crayons organized by color to a canvas.
CAM00256 More

Honey smoked salmon and rustic sallad

Simple sallad; mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, sundried tomatoes and diced feta cheese. Yum.


Winter fog

Amazingly foggy though the sun is shining.. Gorgeous


Ett Svenskt Recept!


Svenskt recept, sounds yummy… Spagetti med grillad halloumi & squash!

Pizza Sleeping Bag

My own version (the original or at least my inspiration –



Itty Bitty Baby Dress

Made a few itty bitty dresses of my own, based on made by rae pattern (original here:

Simply the Best

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